• 2017 "The treasure of the Black Lady", lead Black Lady, dir. Honzo Novak
  • 2017 "I'd prefer your problems, princess!", lead Tanya, dir. Ellie All Hajj
  • 2016 "Dog Brown", role nurse Lena, dir. William del Vital
  • 2016 short film "R & G", lead G, dir. Evgeny Lytkin
  • 2016 "Black web", role lawyer Maja Sentsova, dir. Igor Chetverikov
  • 2016 "Weeping willow", role lawyer Alina Menshovа, dir. Felix Gerchikov
  • 2016 "Thin ice", role Margo, dir. Alexander Franskevich-Laje
  • 2016 "House for the dol", role Tanka, dir. Gleb Yakubovsky
  • 2015 pilot "Exile to Mars", lead Nastya, dir. Alexander Potapov
  • 2015 "The most important thing", lead Dasha Potapova, dir. Alexander Efremov
  • 2016 "The code of Cain", lead journalist Alesya Vasilkova, реж. William del Vital
  • 2015 "Weighty feeling", role Alla, dir. Alexei Karelin
  • 2015 "Sorry for all", role Viktoria, dir. Pavel Snisarenko
  • 2015 short film "Devils", lead Lena, dir. Kirill Galitsky
  • 2014 "All the treasures of the world", role Galya, dir. Alexander Efremov
  • 2014 "I won't forget you", lead Polina, dir. Maxim Demchenko
  • 2013 "Life will show", lead Nadezhda, dir. Oleg Fesenko
  • 2013 "Touch-me-not ", role Marina, dir.Alexei Prazdnikov
  • 2013 "Nice name", role Zhanna Selezneva, dir. Alexander Aravin
  • 2013 "Inspector Protasov", role Natalia Protasova, dir. Konstantin Frolov, Konstantin Smirnov
  • 2013 short film "Whiskey box", role Beauty, dir. Ilya Finevich-Sakuro
  • 2013 "She can't do it otherwise", episode, dir. Alexander Efremov
  • 2013 "HansIvan", lead Snezhana, dir. Igor Osmolovsky
  • (Short Film Corner Festival de Cannes 2014)
  • 2012 "Above the sky", lead Yana, dir. Dmitriy Marinin
  • 2010 "All to be honest ", episode, dir. Dmitriy Astrakhan
  • 2008 "Yoke of love", episode, dir. Dmitriy Astrakhan



Olesya Grybok

DOB 12.12.1987


Olesya was born on the 12th of December in 1987. She graduated from high school №1in Radoshkovichi. In 2006 she entered the Minsk State College of Arts on specialty "Directing of the holidays." In 2009 she graduated from college with honors and was admitted to the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts at the II course.


While studying Olesya worked as director of the tour with the project "Modern tapersky cinema" (St. Petersburg, author Areseny Trofim) In 2009 she became the executive producer of the documentary project "Epoch. Events and people". During all this time she has not ceased to act in movies. In 2010, Olesya played the star part in the project of UNDP in Belarus, "Above the Sky" (director is Dmitry Marinin). After that she decided to devote her life to this very career. Aslo Olesya played leading parts in several TV series. In 2014, she played a star part in the national project "The code of Cain" (director William De Vital). In October 2015 released a book, "Super Agent. Management and promotion of the film actor.". The book is the first and only Russian-language publication on the subject.

Personal life

In 2013 married Ilya Matskevich.

Social work

In 2014 she became a member of the international team "Red Ribbon". The team was created at the initiative of the Regional Office of the United Nations Programme on HIV / AIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Gordana Milevcic


mobile: +7 916 685 87 65

e-mail: gm@gm-production.ru